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Welcome to the SCC Citizen Portal

School Admissions

This portal will be open to submit applications for starting and transferring school in September 2020 on 16 September. The closing dates are 31 October 2019 for applications for secondary or upper school places and 15 January 2020 for applications for starting school or middle or junior school places.

You can use this portal to apply for a school place at a primary, infant, junior, middle or secondary school in September. Please do not use this portal if you are applying for an in-year admission, contact the school directly. If you do not live in Somerset, you must submit your application to your home Local Authority. If you do not, your application will not be considered.

Logging In

Please click register to set up your account or if you have already registered please enter your email address and password to log in. If you have forgotten your password please click on the forgotten your password link and follow the instructions. This portal is only designed to be accessed via the following web browsers: Internet Explorer (IE) 11; Chrome (latest version); Edge (latest version); Safari (latest version).

Please note: When you create a new password it will have to conform with the information below: Must contain between 10 and 128 characters. Must contain one uppercase, one lowercase, two numeric and one special character (for example !). Must not be the same as the username. New password cannot be the same as the previous 10 passwords. New password cannot numerically increment the existing password, e.g. if the existing password is Lack!ngEntropy32, the new password cannot be Lack!ngEntropy33. Passwords still need to be changed at least every 60 days.